Judge disqualifies Louisiana mayor from reelection bid

August 2, 2022 GMT

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — A Louisiana mayor was disqualified Tuesday from running for reelection because he registered for the race using the wrong address.

State District Judge Brady O’Callaghan’s ruling disqualifying Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins from this year’s election can be appealed to the state 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal, and could wind up at the state Supreme Court.

KTBS TV reports that the 2nd Circuit has upheld a similar disqualification in a past case.

The suit claims Perkins violated a Louisiana statue requiring candidates that have a homestead property tax exemption to use that home’s address when they sign up to run. The suit says Perkins is registered to vote and filed for a homestead exemption at the address for his condo in downtown Shreveport, but filed his qualification application using another address in a different ward of the city, according to KSLA TV.

The Shreveport Times reported that, at a Monday hearing, plaintiff Francis Deal’s attorneys asked Perkins if he read the guidelines regarding the address issue. Perkins said he may have missed that part of the guidelines because he was in a rush to sign up for the race and because he was distracted by news cameras.

Perkins said last week that the lawsuit is politically motivated. “Everyone knows that I live in the heart of downtown Shreveport,” he said.

Ten people signed up for the race, including state Sen. Greg Tarver.